We’re Sorry

Our brief was to produce a targeted Direct Mail insert tested in a customer recruitment segment. Our ‘We’re sorry… but you’re well enough to go home’ approach was so successful in terms of both response and cost that it was rolled out across all market segments and significantly influenced the way BUPA go about customer recruitment.


  • 20.69% conversion
  • 150% increase in response rate
  • 36% reduction in the average cost per lead.

The co-operative bank’s


The campaign spanned both existing customers with a view to retention, plus new customers for acquisition. This product had mass market appeal and was open to over 16s who wanted to invest up to £3,600 tax-free.


  • Over 7,000 new accounts opened
  • 61% above target
  • 71% above previous years performance
  • Delivering a 40% return on investment


Very big Basket

Iceland have a very specific customer base who behave in counter-intuitive ways. Our brief was to devise a campaign that positioned Iceland as the frozen food experts whilst driving home delivery and introducing clear cut pricing. This campaign generated a massive £4.35 Million in one month’s worth of sales.


  • Campaign generated £4.35 Million in extra Sales
  • The 27% response rate helped enormously in driving those sales figures


From this to this

When you have the amount of customers M&S Bank have, you can really prove the effectiveness of a psychological intervention. Two groups of around 45,000 customers – with the only difference being a 20 word nudge at the start of the email. Can you guess what we did..? …We’ll tell you when we meet you.


  • We changed just 20 words
  • We gained a 2.8% uplift in response
  • All with one simple nudge

The co-operative bank’s

Clarity of message

Clarity was The co-operative bank’s business banking
proposition. It was due to be scrapped because of poor take- up. Our team had been successfully working with the bank for a few years and were asked to take a look and see what we could do.


  • From scrapheap to shining star
  • A mind-blowing 1,114% uplift in response rate

Please don’t get put off or carried away with the mention of multi million pound budgets. Those numbers are there to show how serious our clients are about trusting their ambitions with us. In fact our first job for M&S was for £180! We’d love to start a result orientated, trusted relationship that has been proved to work time and again with you. Ask us about work in your sector, as we will have been there successfully and can show you our expertise, thinking and creativity that will achieve the same success for you.