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It’s all about planes and flying cars!

Should you need some behavioural modification, nudge theory or general consumer psychology insight, we are able to supply academic based interventions.

In fact, we’ve developed a unique approach to this via our Therapy tool – and let’s face it, we all need a little Therapy!
Fortunately all of ours is getting brilliant results!

It doesn’t matter how cool or creative a plane looks, you’re just not going to get into it if you find out that the designers and engineers didn’t bother with any of the laws of aviation and aeronautics. After all, it’s just a bunch of meaningless theory right? Well, good luck with that.

It’s the same with consumer behaviour. If you REALLY know what motivates your customers, along with the real reasons they make the decisions they do, you’re going to get way more return on your investment. So, if you want your campaigns to really fly – well that’s exactly what Therapy does. Here’s how it works:

Stage One
Our Consumer Psychologists explore the motivational factors at the start of the decision making process, as they are different for each product or service. We drill down into what makes your offer get through to the short list of those brands being considered for purchase. We then look at the traditional barriers to purchase and the psychology at play in the decision making process.

Stage Two
We’ll also take a holistic view of the customer journey, ensuring all parts are correctly joined up. This helps avoid having great interest, but small numbers of conversions. More often than not, this is due to the latter part of the journey being a barrier to the decision making process (often at the information search stage). Different product offers carry different levels of consumer engagement and involvement, depending upon the importance of the item (think life insurance vs shampoo). It’s vital to get this stage of the process right.

Stage Three
We will implement creative that cuts through the challenges identified. As a result you’ll get deeper consumer involvement with your products and brand and higher returns on your marketing budget.

OR – you could just stick with jumping straight into creative execution without the level of consumer understanding Therapy offers. You might want to buy one of those flying cars too.

Consumer psychology interventions

Ask us how
We grew new current account customers for a high street bank by turning their brief upside down and approaching it from a consumer psychology perspective.

Ask us how
We’ve altered the spending and loyalty habits of customers for a major high street brand.

Ask us how
We increased the uptake of paperless statements and marketing collateral to an aging customer base of a major insurance provider.

Ask us how
We’ve repositioned a leading supplier in a sub-prime marketplace into the consumer champion in that sector.

Therapy Note

We carried out a national campaign for a client who’s website didn’t support the depth and type of information search evaluation we knew consumers would wish for. we pointed this out at the briefing stage, but the client decided to go ahead with no alteration to the existing information on the web. The result was a huge uplift in traffic to the site, but no conversions. We’re a nice bunch here at Blacksheep; and we’re very confident about Therapy, so we had already prepared a fix for the client, which we gave them for their website. hey presto – massive response!