Warren James Jewellers

Warren James are one of the UK leading Jewellery brands and we have recently been working alongside the team in order to help provide social media and article support that goes beyond the usual SEO activity (see our Summit page and offer).
We have also been helping with website copy and layouts, with proven and established devices that not only drive sales, but also enhance the digital experience for all customers.

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Signor Ambassador!

When Warren James told us that the Italian Ambassador and The Italian Trade Commission were wanting to promote their links with them; and all the beautiful jewelry they import from Italian craftspeople, it was all we could do not to break out into song there and then!

But this lovely ‘That’s Amoré’ feature worked really well in helping to explain why all of the customers Love the Italian Ranges, why Warren James love their Italian artisans, and why the Trade Commission and Ambassador love Warren James.

You’re humming it aren’t you?!

Words that sparkle like diamonds.

From diamonds born in labs, fiancés, gemstones, wedding plans, sneaky tricks to please your partner, the birth of the tennis bracelet through to the celebration of fathers and father figures.

We introduced Warren James to a different view from the standard approach to SEO and initiated our Summit concept with them.

All of which drove significant increases in website traffic to wherever we have intervened in their site.