The co-operative bank

As one of The Co-operative Bank’s lead agencies we have been responsible not only for the launch of their Current Account, but for countless other products within the bank’s portfolio. Working across all media from a succession of television campaigns, through all digital and traditional media. All of which has tone done in conjunction with the strong heritage of ethics and the co-operative ethos.

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Bees, Bananas, Cats
and Current Accounts

A bank’s current account is the cornerstone of all activity. So having successfully sold credit cards, loans, insurance, ISA’s and every other product for years, when it came to launching their new current account, we were delighted when The co-operative bank tasked us with that massive task.

Arriving at this creative has a very nice story behind it, that shows our strategic thinking and willingness to challenge. Post launch, the bank were delighted that we originally pushed back on the initial direction and position of the launch brief. We’ll tell you more when we chat with you, but we really were the Bees Knees!

Clearly the right approach

Clarity was The co-operative bank’s business banking proposition. It was due to be scrapped because of poor take- up.

Our team had been successfully working with the bank, so we were asked to take a look and see what we could do. Within 6 months we’d smashed every record for the product, with a mind-blowing 1,114% uplift in response (yes you read that right, it’s not a typo! It really was 1,114% up).

The only difference we made to the product was the way we sold it!

Tap, Tap – Ohh.. Hello

This multi media campaign aimed at existing customers and new acquisitions to the bank. Press, digital, Social Media and poster executions gave people a gentle nudge to think about using their ISA allowance, along with a big push as to why they should do that with The co-operative bank.

Fun and engaging visuals helped push home a positive and helpful reminder that time was ticking away and that action needed to be taken.