Shell Global Solutions

As well as the excitement of supporting Shell in their F1 partnership with Ferrari, we also re-branded Shell Global Solutions across the entire planet. Producing a comprehensive Brand Bible that covered all eventualities in all territories across a vast international business network.

We also produced all of the B2B and B2C sales material, International award winning B2B campaigns, as well as corporate literature supporting Shell at such monumental events as the Koyoto Protocol.

Brand • International Advertising • Business to Business • Business to Consumer • Environmental • Technical

Experts in much more that you think

We produced scores of brochures and award winning campaigns to support Shell Global Solutions in their own customer acquisition activities.

Ranging from helping pitch for a brand new refinery from scratch, through to helping food manufacturers better work their processes we were delighted to help SGS put their complex propositions over in clear, engaging and contract-winning ways.

Worldwide rebrand

Shell are a phenomenal company and their Global Solutions offering spans the world with a multi-million dollar offering.

Based in The Hague and operating in all territories across the world, bringing this brand together and launching it as a modern, ethical and environmentally committed stakeholder in the planet’s wellbeing was no small undertaking.

It’s a project that took many months from start to completion, as we unpacked their worldwide offering, helped them strip that back and relaunched it in a compelling and effective way.

Something this size, touching so many territories and stakeholders clearly shows the trust they placed in Blacksheep. We’re rightly proud of the work we produced and how it was received by all.

F1 and Ferrari.. yes please!

Shell and Ferrari have a VERY long and close relationship when it comes to Formula One. So you can imagine how calm (not) we were when they asked us to produce the new season’s F1 brochure.

Working with Shell and Ferrari, we produce the brochure, in multiple languages, for use in all of the Grand Prix for that season. Plus we were amongst the first to see the new season’s new car – this is one we won’t forget in a hurry.