Buying cookware isn’t as simple as you may first think. There is a range of different consumer types, all with their own specific requirements. What switches one group on will be guaranteed to switch off others.

We used a our consumer psychology tool (Therapy) to work out the decision-making criteria for various customers. We then identified three very distinct groups, with very specific needs.

From this we launched Prestige back into the marketplace with a COOK, CREATE, INSPIRE proposition that matched the right products to the appropriate consumers.

Now they are selling like hotcakes!

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Creative & inspirational, for all kinds of cooks

Prestige are an extremely well known brand with a vast range of SKUs. So many in fact, that it was creating that type of problem where they had grown organically and were now blocking the wood from the trees. Sometimes it takes something as simple as a talented agency to come in and look at things through a different lens.

We sat down and established the hundreds of items in the various ranges and overlaid that with all of their customer data. From this it became clear that there were three types of customer, all looking for three separate groupings of product attributes. From that it was a simple leap to the Cook, Create and Inspire product ranges.

We then introduced the three ranges as three new brands under the Prestige umbrella.

All three then sold like hot cakes!

Packs of designs for very hot brands

Apart from the Cook, Create and Inspire product launch, we did scores of individual pack designs across the Prestige and Circulon ranges. Supporting the brand across all channels.

We even launched Raymond Blanc’s wedding gift range. Unfortunately that didn’t include a trip to Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons.