M&S Bank

We took a major role in the launching the M&S Credit Card, which was the largest single credit card launch in UK history. Working across all of the Bank’s product categories and across all channels.

We were also the first agency to take M&S Bank onto television with the creation and production of a range of television adverts.

We have decades of experience with M&S Bank, working across all products in all channels and all media.

Current Account • Credit Card • Travel Money • Loans • Investments • Car Insurance • ISA • Home Insurance • Travel Insurance • Everyday Savings Account • Fixed Rate Savings

Largest UK Credit Card Launch

Blacksheep, along with Helena Christensen, played a major role in the launch of Marks & Spencer’s first ever credit card – The &MORE Credit Card.

We created a tone of voice and personality for the card, which ran through digital, DM, press, point of sale, welcome packs and statement inserts.

The card has been a major success for Marks & Spencer and now forms the cornerstone of their financial services portfolio.

Launch of Loans and a little laughter

It’s a bit of a gift when we’re told we have the budget for a big star. So with Caroline Quentin in mind we wrote our scripts and storyboards for the launch of M&S Loans.

The campaign launched in the middle of the Coronation Street ad break and was supported with other media nationally.

You can imagine the budgets involved, so it’s lovely of M&S Bank to trust us with such an important project. Although, to be fair, we’d been doing all their TV work up to then anyway!

Hundreds and thousands

Disney, The Natural History Museum, FIFA and countless others. We’ve supported M&S Bank’s partnership deals with digital, social media as well as traditional advertising.

We have also worked extensively across all products and all channels, producing hundreds of campaigns and thousands of individual pieces of marketing. Way too many to even begin to show here!