A retail giant at the forefront of the industry, we supported this national retailer across all media and were intrical in the launch of Iceland’s Clear Cut Pricing strategy. We also helped support Iceland’s commitment customers, with the introduction of their Home Delivery offer as well as the launch of their Bonus Card.
On a day-to-day basis we produced all seasonal activity and promotional strategies, helping keep Iceland at the forefront of customer’s hearts and minds.

• Business to Consumer • Digital • Press • Out Door • Social Media • Direct Response • Radio

Christmas, Easter and all year round

Providing as much value for Iceland, as they do for their own customers, we supported Iceland throughout the year.

With the vital Christmas campaigns starring Kerry Katona, through to all other seasonal activity in the retail market space. You know, all the really BIG and IMPORTANT stuff this top retailer produced!

£4.35 Million is a very big basket

Iceland is all about being customer focused and offering quality products at excellent value. So are we, which means our creative concepts have to work consistently hard.

For this campaign we segmented the products by shopping basket type (family favourites / frozen cooking) and use of a ‘totaliser’ idea to communicate the ‘clear-cut prices’/‘value you can see’ messages to appeal to our target audience – busy Mums with kids at home.

We underpinned the ‘frozen experts message’ with the ‘food you can trust’ tag and product endorsements. Home Delivery was presented as delivering family meal solutions to your door.’

This one campaign alone generated a massive £4.35M in one month’s worth of sales.

Don’t be rude..’s not that type of van!

A bit of fun to create some standout for the introduction of Iceland’s home delivery service. Outdoor and digital, it cheered Ron up and also cheered up millions of Iceland’s customers over the years. It always cheers us up too, as we love the look on Ron’s face.