Clever Cover

Effectively acting as an internal Marketing Department, we got involved with Clever Cover pre-launch. We named and branded this progressive insurance provider, as well as supplied all launch strategy and collateral.

Our on-going involvement has helped bring affinity partnerships on board, as well as building a growing consumer retail direct customer base.

Our strategy, insight and marketing has enabled Clever Cover grow faster and wider than all of their original targets.

Brand • Brand Development • Business to Consumer • Business to Business • Affinity • Radio • Digital • Press • Social Media

Name droppers for window shoppers

When Clever Cover approached us, they weren’t Clever Cover. In fact they were nothing. No name, no identity and no real idea of how to launch a travel insurance offer.

The one thing they absolutely knew for sure though, is that they wanted Blacksheep on board to help! So we brought all our expertise and knowledge with us and worked with them every step of the way.

We named them Clever Cover and created a brand from the bottom up and launched them into the market with a digital based ongoing campaign.

We defined their propositions and target markets, produced every piece of launch material and every touch point to date. Since then, they have gone from a standing start to thousands of policies issued in less than a few months.

A social brand for a digital consumer

In terms of channels, Clever Cover exists solely in a digital and social world.

From push channels including email campaigns through to the pull of social media and the digital playground that is ‘online’.

They have made huge inroads into a very competitive market and our CRM strategy has ensured that customers become frequent flyers with Clever Cover!