Cheshire Fire & Rescue

Our BAME & LGBT recruitment campaign for Cheshire Fire & Rescue broke new ground and was extremely successful.

Blacksheep’s approach to their smoke alarm campaign was a total joy to work on. It’s not often you get the opportunity to help save lives. This small budget local campaign still got all the big thinking and experience of Blacksheep thrown at it.

All ending with an unprecedented response, target-smashing return on investment and some creative awards too!

• Business to Consumer • Public Safety • Recruitment • Digital • Press • Radio • Outdoor • Social Media

How long have you got?

Cheshire Fire and Rescue asked us for some help in getting people to take the fitting of fire alarms seriously (it only takes 5 minutes). In fact, less if you get them to do it for you.

We came up with this award-winning little disruptive campaign that set the world on fire with its viral execution, along with radio, social media, posters and direct mail.

Giving equality the Blue Light

In a world famed for it’s male dominance, it was a real pleasure to help Cheshire Fire & Rescue recruit firefighters, especially from the BAME and LGBT communities.

We wanted to present them with a campaign that touches the emotions and sentiments of the people we were targeting. So we addressed the issues in the headlines and pitched our offer and answers in the body copy.