BUPA Healthcare

BUPA had a challenge for us….

“We have this DM pack that just can’t be beaten in terms of response.” they said, “Fancy having a go at that as your challenge to get into us as a brand?”

“Ohhhh, a put your money where you mouth is brief? – love it!’ we said.
Since then BUPA have gone through a few re-brands. Oddly enough our answer to that challenge, not only smashed the response of the banker creative, but has never been allowed to be included in any re-brand or altered in any way. Just in case the magic stops.

• Business to Consumer • Customer recruitment • Customer Relationship Management • Digital • Viral • Press

Just what the Doctor ordered

Our brief was to produce a targeted Direct Mail insert tested in a customer recruitment segment.

Our ‘We’re sorry… but you’re well enough to go home’ approach was so successful in terms of both response and cost that it was rolled out across all market segments and significantly influenced the way BUPA go about customer recruitment.

And when our results were in, this was the diagnosis:
20.69% conversion
150% increase in response rate
36% reduction in the average cost per lead.

Small Apples

Sometimes less really is more…

When you’re the leading brand in the market and you have a BIG focus on customer retention, it’s the LITTLE things that count. Especially when your customers have effectively told you that the smaller the thing is the better it will be received…

…we’ll explain what we mean by that when we meet you.

Hint – it’s the opposite of the retail environment.

Hello, come in and stick around.

Tasked with BUPA’s recruitment and retention activity, we got a deep dive into what makes their potential customers react and come aboard.

More importantly we suggested new tactics to make sure they stayed, once they got here.

After all a low acquisition cost is a fairly useless headline statistic without a high retention rate backing it up.