Blackstone Financial Management

Providing growth and sales strategy along with digital campaigns, targeted specifically at high net worth prospects. As well as providing articles and designs for the website that promoted and pushed the brand beyond usual SEO (see our Summit page and offer).

• Business to Consumer • Digital • Social Media • SEO • Sales Aides • Promotional Activity

Diamonds are so last season

Blackstone are a UK based firm of Financial Advisers, operating throughout England and Wales. They target and specialise in High Net Worth individuals and business owners coming up to retirement.

They asked us to help them with their brand proposition, as well as with the targeting of new customers. We developed a campaign that was a mixture of digital lead propositions with a real world direct mail follow-up.

Prior to this we helped them prepare their website accordingly. So that it fully supported the enhanced narrative we were going to market with.

It’s a numbers game… literally!

What’s your number formed the foundation stone of new acquisition activity. With a simple proposition that helped answer a question than many of us either don’t consider, or worse still, get wrong.

The email opens and click throughs were captured and those individuals were followed up with a more bespoke and attention grabbing piece of direct mail.

Direct Mail is often a channel that is overlooked but has an important role to play in customer acquisition, especially after the database has been filtered by interest via interaction.

If you’re a specialist, then specialise

We provide Blackstone with bespoke written articles on any of the specialist areas they are engaged in. Our writers, unlike AI, bring the brands tone, personality and nuance into all they produce.

Not only does this help Blackstone stand out from the crowd, with on-point and brand appropriate content, it also works incredibly well for search engine rankings, as it’s far more effective than normal SEO activity (see our Summit offering).