Cambridge Weight Plan

We launched Cambridge Weight Plan onto TV and supported them across all media, working closely with the management team over many years.

Always coming at the proposition in a unique, engaging and different way that delivered standout and excellent ROI.

• Business to Consumer • Business to Business • Recruitment • Digital • Viral • TV • Press • Social Media

Finders keepers!

This is one of many viral (and TV) adverts we produced for Cambridge. This particular one stars the very real and very lovely Victoria, who had dropped an amazing 5 dress sizes and maintained that loss for over 5 years.

After spending some time with Victoria, our creatives really brought her story to life and captured exactly how fantastic that made her feel.

Outstanding achievements require stand out creative

Just because we have a whole page to fill, doesn’t mean we need to. Just because the magazine is printed one way up, doesn’t mean we need to do that with our creative.

Sometimes it’s the approach that makes just as much difference as the hard-hitting messages.

Battle across the sexes

Weight loss, body image, self-confidence and help to achieve your goals crosses all cultures and all sexes. We produced a raft of adverts, digital and social media around supporting men’s journeys, including this fun viral that certainly did the rounds.

Obviously Men approach this topic in a VERY different way to Women and it’s essential that you tap into a completely different psychology, when engaging with men in this territory.

Small things come in good packages

As well as supporting Cambridge with overall creative and strategy, we also designed and produced a whole range of product packaging too. Plus we helped them put together recruitment and sales packs for their consultants, as well as exhibition B2B support materials.