Two bucket wash method

16 January 2015

Ever heard of the Two Bucket Wash Method? It’s the car wash method the best car valeters use. Whether your’e a die hard self washer, or choosing a car valeter to work on your car, you need to know about this. It’s so simple but reaps great results. One bucket contains the soapy water as normal, the other clean water. Dip your wash mitt in the soapy bucket apply to bodywork, then rinse in the other bucket. When finish check out how much fine grit is contained in the rinse bucket, you’ll be amazed. If you were using only one bucket that grit would be mixed up everytime you plunged your wash mitt in and stick to the mitt, this one of the causes of the fine scratches or ‘swirl marks’ which damage your paintwork, especially on dark paint finishes, and need to be polished out. So for a couple of £’s for a second bucket you’ll have your paintwork staying great. If your potential car valeter doesn’t use two buckets, then look elsewhere!