How to do a DIY Car Valet

1 September 2015

Doing a DIY Car Valet is easier than you think when at home, by using the same techniques as the professionals, you will be sure to get those same stunning results. Taking care of the bodywork of your car is an ongoing process, it has to be well looked after all year round in order for it to look it’s best and maintain it’s depth and shine. There are so many great car detailing products on the market now, most of them just as effective as the formulas the professional car detailers would use.

How To Keep Car Upholstery Clean

Fabric car seats can be kept clean using a vacuum cleaner and a special car upholstery cleaner for fabric. Leather and leatherette surfaces also have their own cleaners that can be bought, to keep the seats is their best condition.

How to Clean Your Car Carpets

A vacuum cleaner or a stiff brush can be used on the carpets inside of your car. Some people like to remove the carpets from the car to clean them, but this is not always necessary. Compressed air can be used to blow off impurities as opposed to using a vacuum cleaner. The stiff brush is useful for loosening dirt and particles before cleaning off.

Clean Car Vents

Compressed air can be used to blow dust or any impurities out of vents, be it heating or air conditioning or other. You can use an actual air compressor for this, small ones which are relatively inexpensive and can be used for multiple purpose, or the cans of compressed air that you buy are just as effective for this type of job. By cleaning out the vents like this it will allow for better airflow and ensure that the car itself smells clean and fresh.

It is Best To Handwash Your Car

Hand washing your car is the most effective way of getting your car to the standard of clean that you want it. Proper car specialist car cleaner should be used, designed for washing the car, not washing up liquid like most people tend to use. Washing up liquid actually harms the paintwork on the car, stripping any protective wax. A bucket, sponge, and specialist car wash detergent is all you need here. Also, ensure that you dry the car as when the water evaporates it could leave behind particles on the paintwork.

Cleaning Car Tyres

When using a car tyre cleaner, make sure that it is a non-acid based formula. Your tyres should be cleaned before waxing and polishing your paintwork.

Polish and Wax Your Car Paintwork

Polishing your car with a special electric polisher will help even out the paintwork and get it to that shiny state where it looks once again like a new car. Finally, you just have to apply car wax in order to protect the paintwork. This wax comes in either paste or liquid form, and is easy to apply and buff as per directed.